Becoming a Spiritual Warrior Discipleship Class

Develop Your Battle Skills

If you are battle weary, or just want to learn how to more effectively fight and win, sign up for this class!

Gain insight into the spiritual realm and learn to discern what is really going on behind the scenes in various life situations.

Discover some of the key areas the enemy uses to cause believers to stumble, and what you can do about it in a practical way.

Learn how to master the sword of the Spirit, shield of faith, breastplate of righteousness, and other parts of your armor in spiritual warfare.

Understand how you can face any situation, temptation, test, trial or tribulation and, step by step, defeat the enemy every single time.

This FREE class will consist of sit-down, conversational-style lessons that are interactive with worksheets and visual aids. We will keep things non-judgmental, practical and relevant to every day life. There will be no pre-defined pace so everyone “gets it.”

Instruction and group interaction will be non-judgmental. Questions & Comments session with group discussion will follow each lesson, and then we will close with prayer.

Who can join?
Adults/teens of both genders (mature children fine too)
 6:30pm to 8:30pm ‘Tuesday nights’ starting on ‘May 2nd
Where:  Ava TrueView Family Theater: 209 S Jefferson St. Ava, MO

For questions & more details, call 417-543-4549

Have young children and still want to attend?

We’ll have a separate children’s room available (parent-attended) with
TV feed & microphone for interacting with the group!

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